Previous beers


(4.1% ABV)

AKA Kent Golding Bitter. A full-on dose of Golding and Fuggles hops, with a rich variety of local malts to make you proud of Kent's heritage.

Hop Dog

(4.5% ABV)

A highly hopped English Pale Ale using only East Kent Golding hops for a taste of a new harvest.

Brewers Reserve

(5.0% ABV)

A strong hop flavour of citrus and resin balanced with a delicate malt bill to emphasise the depth of the aroma.


(5.5% ABV)

A highly hopped dark ale with a soft malt body and balance finish.

Ilkley Gold

(3.9% ABV)


Golden session ale, packed with soft fresh aromas, yet light, thirst quenching and superbly easy-drinking. Good balance of mid-point sweetness and slow-onset bitterness with just a touch of citrus acidity throughout, and a caramel hobnob biscuit finish.

Fireside Porter

(4.2% ABV)

Wickedly Warming

​Stoke the fire, wrap up warm, sit back and relax with this smooth, smoky and sumptuous brew. There is intense spice from the American hops, balanced by rich fruit from the home-grown varieties.


American Smooth

(4.3% ABV)

A rare breed of a beer, American Smooth is a Cream Ale. This little-brewed style of beer, favoured in the US, it is similar to a lager, but brewed with ale yeast, so a little more refined. Purposefully soft, and distinctively smooth, this unique pale ale combines subtlety of flavour with depth and drinkability. A little pepper on the finish, the hops are apparent but not overpoweringly bitter. Developed by our very own smooth American, this softly-spoken brew has makings of a classic.


(3.5% ABV)

Named after a rare breed of chicken that originates from the state of Ohio in the USA, Buckeye is an easy-drinking, well-hopped pale ale, brewed with a blend of American and New Zealand hops, producing an orange, citrus fruit aroma and a refreshing level of bitterness.

Old Faithful

(4.3% ABV)

A blend of three hops from three different countries, Tenderfoot is a premium-strength pale ale that highlights the berry-fruit qualities that each of the hops (Bramling Cross, Pacific Gem & Cluster) bring to the party. Aromas of blackcurrant and blackberry are followed up by a refreshing level of bitterness.


(4.3% ABV)

One of the original, new-style, pale ales to be brewed in the UK, Yankee™ is a modern classic. Light and easy-drinking, it’s a beer that showcases the floral and citrus fruit aromas of the Cascade hop, grown in the Yakima Valley in Washington State, USA, projected against a back drop of soft Yorkshire water and golden promise pale malt.

Gadds' No 5

(4.4% ABV)

This is a rusty red proper bitter ale with complexity. Six different malts for a deep structure are used along with four different varieties of hops for flavour. Look out for notes of toffee, red berry, and spicy blackcurrent. Or just get into it and enjoy.


(4.5% ABV)

We're all Seasiders round here - loving the clear, big sky and the rolling white horses; the temperate weather and fresh, saline air do it for us. It's healthy alright and you can keep your City Life, Metro-social nightscene and all; a mellow pint of amber ale flavoured with locally grown Goldings hops in a quiet seaside pub is all we need

Gravesend Guzzler

(3.7% ABV)

Originally, the Gravesend Guzzler was brewed as a light mild and was a real family favourite. In recent times we have increased the gravity to 3.7% and upped the hop rate which now makes her more of a golden ale.

Guzzler is a refreshing session pint with an excellant dry hop appeal.

Kentish Gold

(4.6% ABV)

Kentish Gold was a project given to us by the licensed trade here in North Kent.

She is a Golden Ale with a full chewy malt flavour and balanced with strong fruity English hops. The finish is clean, long and dry.


(3.8% ABV)

An extremely clean-drinking pale golden ale with a strong floral aroma and elderflower notes from the Cascade hops. This beer is full-bodied and full-flavoured yet gentle enough to make it a favourite session beer.

American Pale Ale

(4.7% ABV)

The yeast strain used for the brewing of this American style pale ale is specially imported from the USA, along with Cascade, Centennial and Chinook hops. The low colour Maris Otter malt provides a perfect light colour and dryness to complement the crisp taste and full aroma of the hops. SERIOUSLY FULL OF HOPS


(3.8% ABV)

The year of the Peasants’ Revolt.

A golden IPA combining pale and crystal malts with Williamette and Centenial hops to give delicate citrus and herbal aromas.