Since first firing up the Brew Kettle in 2000, Hopdaemon has gained recognition throughout the hop gardens of Kent and beyond for creating outstanding cask ales and bottled beers.

The brewery has grown considerably over the years and now supplies award-winning ales to more than 70 pubs and restaurants throughout Kent.

'We brew our beers in Newnham, near Faversham using our unique strain of yeast, generous amounts of local hops, traditional malted barley and true zymurgy. Our favourite hop varieties are Goldings, Challenger and Kentish Cascade which we get from our 'Hop Guru' who grows them down the road from us…'(the Hopdaemon)

At Hopdaemon traditional local-grown ingredients are used wherever possible and quality is the name of the game. The purest ingredients are used at all times and careful attention is paid to consistency throughout the brewing process.

As a result of this attention to detail, you can be confident that you are buying natural-brewed beers of the highest quality.




(6.0% ABV)

A strong ruby ale with spicy hop aromas and a rich malty finish.

Brewed from the finest malted barley and Kentish hops this 'BEAST' of a beer is deceptively easy-drinking for its strength and is conditioned naturally in the bottle to produce a sparkle and sediment characteristic of all great living beers.

'Sit back, drink slowly and savour…'(the Hopdaemon)

Green Daemon

(5.0% ABV)

A golden 'HELLES' beer with luscious tropical fruit aromas and a crisp clean finish.

Brewed naturally from the purest ingredients and true zymurgy, GREEN DAEMON is devilishly good with curries, seafood and fusion dishes, or simply to enjoy on its own.

'Get on the highway to Helles with Green Daemon…' (the Hopdaemon)

Gold Medal Winner 2007, 2010, 2011 SIBA Nationals - Silver 2011


(4.0% ABV)

A bronze-coloured special bitter brewed with Challenger and Kentish Cascade hops to give a superb aroma and a smooth malty finish.

Gold Medal Winner, Kent Beer Festival, 2004

Silver SIBA South East Region 2008

Golden Braid

(3.7% ABV)

A refreshing golden session bitter, wickedly hopped with East Kent Goldings and Challenger.

Citrus hoppy notes with hints of marmalade and a crisp clean finish.

Gold Award Winner, 2001, 2002, 2006, 2009

Gold SIBA South East Region 2007

Skrimshander I.P.A.

(4.5% ABV)

An aromatic copper-coloured pale ale brewed from the finest malted barley and Kentish hops for a refreshing taste and a fruity finish.

Deliciously fruity with spicy citrus hop aromas, SKRIMSHANDER goes well with good food and fine friends and has the clean fresh taste and dry hoppy finish of a great Kentish ale.

'I would say it's basically Kent in a pint…' (the Hopdaemon)

Winner, Kent Beer Festival, 2002


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